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Thank you everyone for a 100+ downloads! since I've uploaded my game, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and kind words, thank you all so much for playing my game!


i like the theme


Thank you!


Short but sweet, pretty fun! Although the 1-block gaps are really annoying because of how fast you move. Gameplay footage


Awesome! really glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate the playthrough!


I love the game but its way too hard for me.


Glad that you enjoyed it!


Unforgiving was when the game was still alpha, now I changed the name and heavily updated the game.

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The game is really challenging and i absolutely love that!!

you can add little graphical touch to the game by changing the lights from static image to light2d node and add child node to player called lightoccluder2d and dont forget to enable shadows in the lightoccluder and you also have to bolder it by that select-tool

this 3mins video might help 

he did what i mean at min 2:18 but instead of player be the light source  the player will be the occluder

have a nice day !😀

Thanks you for the feedback, and thank you for having taught me about lighting!